Monday, September 01, 2014

The Ambiguity of Usefulness ~ 5


Please. Do not start to screw me by using this topic as a shield. Although it's something that everybody will point out every single year (well, the Chinese New Year to be precise), it does not mean that I want to talk about it. Rather, I'll drive the conversation to a whole new theme. Like, for example "How's life?"

Here's the thing. "Life", as described by many people, is something that does not come with a guidebook. Rather to say, let's talk about the so-called gossipers inside the family. Backstabbers, if you prefer. Zero backstabber means that your family is in pretty good - and rare - condition (at least that's what I believe). Why? Here's a story.

Once upon a time, there was a small happy family (let's say, the Y family). However, misfortunes stroke upon the fate of each members inside Y family. Y-father is down with disease. Upon the tragedy, Y-mother needed money in order to survive, while the Y-children are separated from Y-mother in order to continue the education. Here's a keyword: money. The brothers and sisters of Y-mother lent her some money in order to continue on living.

As the years went by, Y-family finally stood in a firm position. Remember about the keyword above? Yes. When one of the lenders asked for a bit of money (without interest, mind you), the Y-mother refused. Instead, the Y-mother kept the bad rumors circulating around about how bad the lenders were. The end? No. To be continued? Yes.

So, what's the point? How can the story be related with marriage? Well, money is the main topic in the story, while inside a marriage, money is one of the relevant factor that you can't refuse. And I can't provide a living for two. In short, let's get real. Without stable income, what do you, and your significant other, want to eat? Love?

As Ebenezer Scrooge said: "Bah! Humbug!"