Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Surviving in Singapore - Ramen Hunting

If you're asking "Why ramen? Why not local food?", my answer is this: Why not? It's not like I can eat ramen everyday, since the price is kind of expensive (talking about price comparison between a bowl of ramen and a plate of fried beehoon). That's why, for me, eating ramen is a luxury.

Speaking of my own preferences, allow me to introduce you to these guys:
The group of Tonkotsu King. 
Thick soup, rich fragrance, and porky. Need to say more?

Bario Ramen. Garlic power!

Buta God Ramen. Sweet soup, and porky.

The group of Menya Musashi Ramen. 
I prefer the City Hall branch, and go with the tsukemen (means you dip the ramen into the soup), with 5x upsize (if I'm extremely hungry).

And the hunt will not stop. Rest assured.

Image is taken from here.