Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Ambiguity of Usefulness ~ 6

"Oh my goodness! Why are you so skinny now?!"

As predicted, that's one of several normal responses if someone transform him/herself from 90+ kg (around 200 lbs), to 70 kg (around 154 lbs) just to maintain his/her own health. Explanations may come and go, like "Oh, I just want to gain muscle and cut those fats." Or "I want to stroke down the blood pressure." Simple reasons with bonuses, like healthy condition and sleep well. But what makes me confused, is something like this: "You look like a sissy in beauty salon."

A long silence.

Allow me to put several facts here. A mother of two, who's trying to reduce weight with liquid diet and without exercise, said to me, someone with normal diet and normal exercise hours, that I look like a sissy. Probably, according to her own belief, the structure of my body is labelled as similar to a sissy, if I'm not overweight.

My respond? "Well, my blood pressure is normal now. That's important for me."

There are a lot of friends that suggest me to do a healthy diet and regular exercises. Although it will take months, at least the body will be in stable condition for a long time, unless you're in favor of the "instant" rewards. Been there, done that, didn't work.

Similar to the beliefs of some of the family members, someone who's fat can be considered lucky. Why? If there's no "hole" while opening the palm and sticking your fingers, it means that the "fortune will not slip away from the hole". Somehow, it reminds me of some obese people in Chinese drama who's attacked by heart condition. Again, it's not the matter of skinny or not. For me, health is my main priority. I just want to enjoy a good night's sleep.


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