Monday, May 05, 2014

The Ambiguity of Usefulness ~ 3

That particular night, I dreamed about getting a kiss from a friend. Let's call her Soy. Not a vivid dream, but I remembered the words that I said after the kiss "Better?" When I woke up, I bet I made that face-saying-seven-hell. In reality, Soy and I are not that close, although it's fun to have several small journeys with good meals and good stories. As for why I got that dream, I didn't have a clue. Not a single one. Until this day, that dream doesn't make any awkward situation. A good sign? I don't know.

Unrelated with Soy, there was one time I got a happy dream combined with a confusing message. Let me ask you this: will you make a happy face even if you get a dream with 'If you're lying, I'll kill you' message in the dream? Yes, that kind of dream.

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." - Henry David Thoreau.

Although Freud said that dream is, probably, an interpretation of repressed wishes, as for my case, it will become a small flick that may trigger actions that I'll use to analyze stuffs. Useful? Probably. Or probably not. Besides, there's no guide book or holy scripture about dreams. Whether it's better to do something to get that dream but fail, compared to wait-and-do-nothing; whether you believe either one of those are useful or useless, again, there's no holy scripture or holy formula for it.

Even if you know about the Akashic Records, things seem pretty much useless. But putting that aside, most of the times, I don't have a particular reaction with déjà vu. I am fully aware that life cannot run backwards as I don't have the skill to control the flow of time. A dream is a dream. Whether it's a déjà vu, whether it's useful or useless, I always try to see it from different angles. Pretty much interesting, I believe.

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